Friday, October 5, 2012

Mold #74: Fieldstone Bridge(s): Part 1

After finishing the table I realised I needed bridges in order to cross the river sections. I didn't want to design and create them from scatch, but I also didn't want to buy pre-made scenery. Looking around on the internet I found the perfect source for my solution, Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.

The website offers a great range of molds to create buildings of any shape and size.Without wasting time I quickly ordered, mold #74: Fieldstone Bridge.

When it arrived a week later I immediately set out to cast the materials needed for two large fieldstone bridges. The Hirst Arts website contains everything you need to know about this.

Below you can see the casting progress.

Close-up mold #74
Close-up mold #74 with plaster
Materials for one bridge
Glued and assembled
Sealed with Epoxy
I'm not sure whether sealing the plaster with Epoxy is proven practise, but it seems to work very well. The plaster is very fragile when left untouched. The Epoxy protects the fragile plaster, tightens the bonds between the various parts and the Epoxy is absorbed by the plaster without obscuring any details. So far, I haven't noticed any side effects.

You can also use the bridge materials to create other structures like walls. I've noticed that Thantsants from over at the Somewhere the Tea's is Getting Cold blog uses stone walls made out of same materials. Below a picture from his battle report Blood Bath at Orc's Drift - Encounter at Ashak Rise.

I'm definitely going to make these 
Now I still need to paint them...


  1. Nice one - I'm thinking of requesting some moulds for my birthday. How easy was the casting process?

    The fieldstone sets seem pretty flexible in their uses although I'm quite tempted to do some dungeoneering with the cavern sets and play a siege with the castle sets...

    The walls I built were made from a couple of bags of pieces I bought cheap on ebay - I think the seller was selling unwanted stuff rather than casting them to order which I gather is a bit naughty according to Hirst Arts.

    1. The casting is pretty easy when you have figured out the method. It took me four miscasts to get it right. The Hirst Arts website explains everything you need to know about this.

      I like the dungeon and various castle molds too. I just don't like to paint them all. Maybe I'll be doing the Bell Tower next, not sure yet.

  2. Well the bridges look lovely - looking forward to seeing more