Sunday, July 22, 2012

Modular Gaming Table: Part 11

I'm so happy 'cause today I've finished the river panels!

I immediately set about and played around with different 2x2 setups. Enjoy the results.

Config 2x2 x11:y0

Config 2x2 x1a:y0

Config 2x2 x13:y0

Config 2x2 x14:y0

Oldschoolrebel from the Lead Adventure Forum coined the idea of using the table as a stacking system for playing games with multiple layers. There are some limitations when using the stacking system. When stacking the legs need to be placed at the sides instead of under the table. This means borders cannot be used and you lose center support. I've tried the concept with a 2x2x3 setup. A 4x1x3 setup is probably better suited for this kind of multi-layered systems. Both players can stand on each side and move their miniatures a lot easier that way. Playing while daemons gather below in the underworld, or use special storage panels for placing miniatures and books. 3D gaming!

Legs at the side as in the storage setup
Same as storage setup except in a 2x2 config
First level
Second level
Third level
Next stop, the dutch mountains!


  1. They look great and very versatile.

  2. Just amazing! The only thing that will make them look better is when they are populated with your beautifully painted armies.

    Cheers mate! Great job!



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