Friday, April 19, 2013

MGT Update 1 - 3D gaming

Managing a kickstarter Indiegogo campaign comes with great responsibility. One of such responsibilities is to keep the campaign alive. According to the Indiegogo Team one should post update's every 2 days. This will ensure people won't lose interest, I hope. So, for the next couple of days you'll be hearing from me everywhere you go. Please don't blame me, I'm just following orders.

My first update is about 3D gaming. I wrote about this a bit in the post Modular Gaming Table: Part 11. At the time I demonstrated the table in a 2x2 layered configuration. Not particularly the ideal setup when playing in 3D, because you wouldn't be able to reach all parts of the table. This post will demonstrate a configuration better suited for 3D gaming.

The two pictures below show a two-layered configuration which can be made from one MGT set. Both players can stand at either side of the table and still be able to reach all parts. The table can represent a variety of things like a dungeon, space hulk, building or an underground complex. Obviously my boards don't represent any one of these and specific boards must be made for that.

I hope this demonstrates some of the possibilities, enough to spark your imagination?

two-layered 1x3 straight setup
two-layered 1x3 corner setup

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