Sunday, January 22, 2012

Modular Gaming Table: Part 5b

I just couldn't help it, I wanted to do a test with a 4x3 configuration. I was amazed by how easy all the panels just clicked into place. I did have one setback though. I discovered that I made a mistake on one of the panels. Somehow the panel borders where assembled in the wrong order, rendering the panel useless. I will have to remake it or adjust the cut-outs in the borders. Luckely for me I did anticipate the chance for human error and bought some extra materials upfront. When doing 12 panels one is bound to go wrong I guess.

When seeing the whole thing assembled it did bring back a smile on face :)

This is the configuration I made

Bringing everything downstairs and assembling it took me 30 minutes. The whole test did made me realize that the bars underneath the panels should have a total margin of 4 mm. This will give the panels more movement for adjusting their position. In overall I'm very content with the result so far.

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