Thursday, August 9, 2012

Modular Gaming Table: Part 12

Finally, all the panels are finished. I just completed the last four hill panels.

Shown below are three setups made with the four hill panels.

Config 2x2 x0:y9

Config 2x2 x0:y7

Config 2x2 x0:y10

Let me take you through the process. I base-painted the whole panel with "Burnt Sienna" and added some extra sand and stones into the crevices of the hills. After dry-brushing the panel occording the established method discussed in a previous post  I drybrushed the hill with the following citadel colors: "Shadow Grey", "Space Wolves Grey" and "Fotress Grey". Then I adding a couple of watered down Vallejo washes of "Umber Shade", "Fleshtone Shade" and "Green Shade" and gave it a satin varnish and finished it with a "Testors Dull Coat" varnish.

Hill panel with extra sand on top
After dry-brushing the hill with "Shadow Grey"
After dry-brushing the hill with "Space Wolves Grey"
After dry-brushing the hill with "Fotress Grey"
After applying the washes and varnish
After adding the static grass
So what's next I hear you say. Well, do you still remember this post, when I talked about the utterly useless, but very cool looking border. I already did some tests and the theory seems to work. I'm currently still in the process of painting the borders, but as soon as they're finished I will show them in action and of course I will put some effort in demonstrating the full potential of the table. This means big setups, scenery and miniatures!

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  1. They really came out well. You have nice coverage with your sand and flock. My flock was deliberately patchy, but the sand I added seemed to patchy and in some cases looked like I had drizzled it on, ie left a trail of sand.


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