Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wood for Lead

I got back from holidays three weeks ago and things are starting to get normal again. I picked up the work on the table and I look forward to finishing it. It's looking promising and soon I'll post some work on the river sections.

Meanwhile, I made some other preparations for the soon to be finished table. Those familiar with the battle reports It's fun to slay at the Wyemm Seeyay and The Shadow of Koles Lorr down at Warhammer for Adults might have seen it action, I'm talking about the old table. The work on the new table would never be possible if I didn't have some kind of leverage in the WAF (Wife Approval Factor). We both agreed that the old table had to go.
Last week I put it up for sale and got a reply from someone who wanted to trade miniatures for it. As the table is difficult to get rid off, I was more than happy to trade with him. I also promised my three year old son that he could choose his own miniature when we made the trade.

In the end I was able to choose from a range of classic Chaos miniatures. I chose two Chaos Champions, two Chaos Warriors and Kaleb Daark (mounted), while my son had his mind set on a snake man. The guy had a couple of those, two of the same kind my son wanted. One was painted and didn't have a base, while the other one had a cool base and was slightly better painted. We both thought (the guy and me) the one with the base to be the coolest, needless to say he chose the one without and managed to break its weapon within 5 minutes of acquiring it, sigh...

I'm not sure about the others, but Kaleb Daark seems to be a must have for most Chaos collectors. As these are the only Chaos miniatures in my entire collection, I thought to post them up for trade. I'm mainly interested in Maruader Dark Elves, but I'm open for suggestions. Got something interesting? Contact me at "info AT dreamfish DOT nl".