Monday, September 28, 2015

Citadel - MD8 Skeleton War Machines

Having finished the Skull Chuckers in a relatively short period. I took it upon myself to finish what was left of the MD8 boxset.

Again, I followed the same painting procedure explained in the (evil) Skeletons - Quick Paint Tutorial post. This allowed me to finish the bones parts rather fast and easy, thank god. 

The chariot is placed on a 100x60 base which I bought from GW. Yeah I know, one of the few usefull products they still have.

The highlights on the robes of Morbius are done with the airbrush. I only needed add some washes to get the results you see in the picture. I'm particulairly happy with his face and robes.

Because my skeleton horde has grown considerably since my last painting efforts I thought to treat you guys with an army shot.

So, whats next? Dark Elves or Undead legion?

Looks familiar doesn't it?