Saturday, June 22, 2013

Modular Activity Table

Wait, you said you'd let it rest... Yes, don't worry. I just stumbled across this while surfing the web. Thought I'd share it. It's a bit low for a wargaming table, but interesting nevertheless.

Here's the link to the website containing all the details.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Going Pro

Normally I don't ask much for my birthday, but this year was different, I told my wife I wanted an Aeolian Knight or otherwise a divorce. Sometimes you have to up the stakes if you really want something. No, I'm not talking about a Greek knight with wings. I'm talking about this little piece of Chinees engineering.

Quite surprisingly it turns out our marriage is actually worth something. Having searched for it myself, I know they're not easy to get. I'm sure I'll be repaying her for the next couple of centuries or so with expensive gifts.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Citadel - C23 - Pit Fighter

I wanted to do something different, something larger than a Dwarf. I believe many of you have the opposite problem, but I've got too many goodfellas.

I bought the Citadel C23 range on ebay some time ago and thought to paint one. The one with the hook and the iron leg seemed easy enough. Just lot of skin and iron. I believe this model was sculped by Bob Olley and is called the "Pit Fighter".

If you're planning on painting these old models be sure to examine them for little cracks and patch them up with putty before painting. I noticed some cracks appeared under the right armpit and back side.

This time I finished the model in only 2 weeks instead of 2 years!

citadel c32 pit fighter