Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MGT Update 3 - Adjustable legs

A double MGT set has been claimed! White Knight, know from WK's Miniature Imperium decided to take the plunge. Many thanks for his contribution. Be sure to check out his blog and his wonderful collection of Renaissance themed fantasy miniatures.

Another table has been claimed while writing this update. It seems like the campaign is starting to take off. Again many thanks for your contribution. This leaves us with only 6 more tables to go!
left: old static leg; right: new adjustable leg
Some might have noticed a difference in the legs on the pictures shown on the blog or on the gallery section of the campaign website. This is due to some improvements that have been applied after the prototype table was made. The new version has adjustable legs while the prototype table has static legs. The picture above shows both versions side-by-side.

So why the need for adjustable legs? First, the adjustable legs are lighter, have lower production costs and are removable for easy packaging. Secondly, the legs adjust themselves to uneven floors for stable footing. Thirdly, they are required when combining multiple MGT sets together to form one table.

Let me elaborate the last statement. We know the table has a slight downcurve due to the 1 mm space margin between each connection point. The longer the table, the bigger the downcurve. When combining two or more tables together to form one big table, you have four extra legs at your disposal. These extra four legs are used to give extra support to the table. See the picture below.
Two MGT sets combined together to form one big table
You need adjustable legs to span the distance without disturbing the downcurve, otherwise you get a "telephone line" effect which might push the gameboards apart from each other. Adjusting the outer legs at a higher level and the inner legs at a lower level, prevents the "telephone line" effect from happening.

The leg consists out of three components. The aluminium bar, a metal-threaded insert and a standard machine feet. All of which are easily replaceable when damaged.

The parts that form up an adjustable leg.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

MGT Update 2 - WAF

Good news everybody, the first MGT set has just been claimed by none other than Thantsants himself! Not familiar with him or his work? Be sure sure to check out his blog Somewhere the Tea's getting cold.

But, we're not out of the woods yet. 9 more tables need to be claimed for the campaign to be successful. Now, I'm sure you're all trying hard to convince your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or yourself that you really need a MGT set. To help you with the challenge I've summed up a couple of pointers to win the argument.
  1. Be sure to mention that the table can be stored and tucked away out of sight when not used. Occupied space can be reclaimed!
  2. Got an old table? Compromise and exchange the old for a new one. This one worked really well for me. It got me to do the project in the first place.
  3. Promise to do better, to change, give something in return.
  4. It's an unique oppertunity, a one time deal, you earn this, don't let them take this away from you!
  5. Be creative...
Got any good tips you want to share with us? Feel free to comment.

Friday, April 19, 2013

MGT Update 1 - 3D gaming

Managing a kickstarter Indiegogo campaign comes with great responsibility. One of such responsibilities is to keep the campaign alive. According to the Indiegogo Team one should post update's every 2 days. This will ensure people won't lose interest, I hope. So, for the next couple of days you'll be hearing from me everywhere you go. Please don't blame me, I'm just following orders.

My first update is about 3D gaming. I wrote about this a bit in the post Modular Gaming Table: Part 11. At the time I demonstrated the table in a 2x2 layered configuration. Not particularly the ideal setup when playing in 3D, because you wouldn't be able to reach all parts of the table. This post will demonstrate a configuration better suited for 3D gaming.

The two pictures below show a two-layered configuration which can be made from one MGT set. Both players can stand at either side of the table and still be able to reach all parts. The table can represent a variety of things like a dungeon, space hulk, building or an underground complex. Obviously my boards don't represent any one of these and specific boards must be made for that.

I hope this demonstrates some of the possibilities, enough to spark your imagination?

two-layered 1x3 straight setup
two-layered 1x3 corner setup

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indie Go Go Go...

First of all I would like to thank everyone for taking their time to vote. Although the poll has not ended yet, I think it's safe to say the results are more or less known.

I'm not entirely sure whether or not the results of the poll are accurate. The poll seemed to be stuck somewhere around the 60 votes and votes seemed to come and go? I'm no expert on polls, but aren't votes supposed to be permanent?

Whatever the case, we know 57 of the 60 votes voted in favor. The majority of the votes voted "Yes, but only if the price is right". That last part got me busy during the last few of weeks, in which I did all the research necessary for producing and delivering a table. All steps of the process are mapped out and documented. Producing a single table at a time is costly, but ordering a batch lowers the price considerably and allows me to offer it for a reasonable price.

I have decided a crowd funding campaign would be the ideal place to kickstart this project and start raising funds. I created an campaign on the Indiegogo fundraising platform. The campaign will run for 45 days. The goal is to raise enough money to order at least 10 or more tables. All contributions are refunded if I fail to meet this goal. Production starts when the campaign ends and the goal is reached.

Now without further ado, I present you the "Modular Gaming Table" campaign.

To be successful this campaign need to be relayed in many places. For this to happen I'm counting on you to help spread the word around you.

Even if you don't have any direct interest in a MGT, or if you cannot afford to support the effort financially, It will be greatly appreciated that you spread the word around (on your blogs, on forums, everywhere you may see fit, but please no spam!)