Monday, August 31, 2015

Citadel - Skull Chucker(s)

*cough, cough*, man this place is dusty! Let's bring in some fresh air and open a window. Ah, that's better. Now, where were we?

It's been exactly one whole year since my last post on this blog and about time for another post. I got stuck while working on a regiment of Marauder Dark Elves. Sometimes a game of oldhammer is all you need to rekindle enough inspiration to start painting again.

Instead of continuing with the Dark Elves, I decided to paint something easier. Having enjoyed my previous experience with the skeletons, I decided to paint two Skull Chuckers. One of which is from the original MD8 Skeleton War Machines, and the other I won on ebay some time ago.

I followed the same painting procedure explained in the (evil) Skeletons - Quick Paint Tutorial post. Chances are I'll paint up the rest of the MD8 boxset for my next project.

Below the result of my efforts.