Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mold #74: Fieldstone Bridge(s): Part 2

I finished painting the bridges. I've painted the bridges with the same painting technique as the hill panels, described in Modular Gaming Table: Part 12. This enforces the idea that the bridges are made of the same rock materials.

Below some pictures of the various dry-brush stages:

Base painted with Scorched Brown
Dry brushed with Shadow Grey
Dry brushed with Space Wolves Grey
Dry brushed with Fortress Grey
I did an extra dry-brush with "Off White", added various layers of watered down Vallejo washes of "Sepia Wash", "Umber Shade", "Fleshtone Shade", "Green Shade", gave it a satin varnish and finished it with a "Testors Dull Coat" varnish.

I'm planning to add some foliage to the bridge in a later stage. I'm in a bit of a hurry, because I needed to finish the bridges for our upcomming battle report "The Bridge over the River Chai".


  1. Nice work. Was it really that blue before the final dry-brush and washes?

    1. Thanks! Yeah it was actually, the "Off-White" dry-brush and washes did a lot to change that. Especially the washes, true magic I'll say.

  2. I'm already very, very jealous of your gaming boards. This only makes be more envious.

    1. Gareth, I can only smile with comments like these. If it's any consolation, we'll play a game if you ever happen to be in the neighborhood.


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