Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indie Go Go Go...

First of all I would like to thank everyone for taking their time to vote. Although the poll has not ended yet, I think it's safe to say the results are more or less known.

I'm not entirely sure whether or not the results of the poll are accurate. The poll seemed to be stuck somewhere around the 60 votes and votes seemed to come and go? I'm no expert on polls, but aren't votes supposed to be permanent?

Whatever the case, we know 57 of the 60 votes voted in favor. The majority of the votes voted "Yes, but only if the price is right". That last part got me busy during the last few of weeks, in which I did all the research necessary for producing and delivering a table. All steps of the process are mapped out and documented. Producing a single table at a time is costly, but ordering a batch lowers the price considerably and allows me to offer it for a reasonable price.

I have decided a crowd funding campaign would be the ideal place to kickstart this project and start raising funds. I created an campaign on the Indiegogo fundraising platform. The campaign will run for 45 days. The goal is to raise enough money to order at least 10 or more tables. All contributions are refunded if I fail to meet this goal. Production starts when the campaign ends and the goal is reached.

Now without further ado, I present you the "Modular Gaming Table" campaign.

To be successful this campaign need to be relayed in many places. For this to happen I'm counting on you to help spread the word around you.

Even if you don't have any direct interest in a MGT, or if you cannot afford to support the effort financially, It will be greatly appreciated that you spread the word around (on your blogs, on forums, everywhere you may see fit, but please no spam!)

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