Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MGT Update 7 - Stretch Goal?

10 days left to go and 42% of the campaign goal covered. If you're out there, NOW is the time to contribute!

According to the poll, about 60 people said they wanted a Modular Gaming Table if the price was right. 3 of them bought a table. This leaves us with 57 prospects. Obviously, for them the price is not right.

I did my best to lower the price as much a possible. I'm in the position to buy the materials at a discount, I got access to the machinery and know-how to work with the materials. Believe me, the current price is at its minimum. To give you an idea, making a table like this at a local welder will cost you about 800 - 900 euros.

However, there's another way to lower the price, but this requires an investment of about 3000,- euros. The investment involves the development of a plastic connection bar. Something similiar to the one below. The new connection bar not only reduces material and labor costs, but also improves overall stability and weight capacity considerably.

Early adopters of a MGT set buy a table, but more importantly they contribute to the further development of the table. Furthermore, early adopters will receive future upgrades like the new connection bar above for free.

I'm willing to invest if the campaign succeeds, but are you willing to contribute?

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