Monday, June 3, 2013

Citadel - C23 - Pit Fighter

I wanted to do something different, something larger than a Dwarf. I believe many of you have the opposite problem, but I've got too many goodfellas.

I bought the Citadel C23 range on ebay some time ago and thought to paint one. The one with the hook and the iron leg seemed easy enough. Just lot of skin and iron. I believe this model was sculped by Bob Olley and is called the "Pit Fighter".

If you're planning on painting these old models be sure to examine them for little cracks and patch them up with putty before painting. I noticed some cracks appeared under the right armpit and back side.

This time I finished the model in only 2 weeks instead of 2 years!

citadel c32 pit fighter


  1. Big fan of them old ogres - like the painting too /Hans

  2. He's ace, D! Nice to have some 'badfellas'.

  3. Beautiful - all that time on the skin tones certainly paid off.

    I should really try the watered down putty trick as I'm painting a lot of old preslotta stuff at the moment - some of which can be quite battered!

  4. But the joy of bringing them back to life! Brilliant work, as always.

  5. Very nicely done.
    I really like the highlighting on the club, and how you have painted the loincloth a bright green without making it garish.
    Great painted model.


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