Monday, August 31, 2015

Citadel - Skull Chucker(s)

*cough, cough*, man this place is dusty! Let's bring in some fresh air and open a window. Ah, that's better. Now, where were we?

It's been exactly one whole year since my last post on this blog and about time for another post. I got stuck while working on a regiment of Marauder Dark Elves. Sometimes a game of oldhammer is all you need to rekindle enough inspiration to start painting again.

Instead of continuing with the Dark Elves, I decided to paint something easier. Having enjoyed my previous experience with the skeletons, I decided to paint two Skull Chuckers. One of which is from the original MD8 Skeleton War Machines, and the other I won on ebay some time ago.

I followed the same painting procedure explained in the (evil) Skeletons - Quick Paint Tutorial post. Chances are I'll paint up the rest of the MD8 boxset for my next project.

Below the result of my efforts.


  1. Long time no see but it feels great to have you back and painting !
    I really loved those evil skeletons so I'm enjoying those war machines even more !
    Great work.

  2. Nice to see you on the blogosphere once more Mr Dreamfish! A good looking skellies too. Those skull chuckers are horrible to face in a game!

  3. Nice to see you back, and back to painting, and hopefully back to a battle report soon.

  4. Thank you guys. It sure feels good to be back. I haven't been very active, mainly lurking about.
    @24_cig I painted these for a battle I'm planning. Hopefully something bigger than usual.

  5. Dreamfish! Good to see your post. ;) Those chuckers look very menacing, and very nice.

  6. Welcome back, buddy! Very interested to hear about this battle you're planning!

    Oh - and super work on the skeletons!


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