Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Experiment: Introducing new blood #1

Once in a while I try to play a game with the boys. I usually let them play a game of Heroquest or let them fight it out against a couple of monsters on a 1' x 1' table. Nothing fancy, fighting it out against big monsters is what they seem to like most.

Contemplating on how to exploit this interest of theirs I've setup a little experiment to see where it might lead.

The experiment requires heroes and monsters. The kind of which stand out and makes you say "cool". Upon investigating my painted collection I realized a real shortage on the "cool" monster department and heroes far that matter.

Something needed to be done, my fatherhood was at stake. First priority was the "cool" monster shortage. Diego and his Phanteon of Chaos kickstarter fixed that dilemma real quick. I probably might have spend a tiny bit too much on this, but better safe than sorry, right?

Someone needs to paint all that new lead arriving once in a while. You might resort to drastic methods suggested by others or you might want to invest in the future and train your personal eavy metal team.

So, to give them a head start I gave the boys the tools and full responsibility of their own workbench. They can paint whenever and with whatever they like. Some might need to go through some fases before they're able to make this step, but I think it's for the better. If I needed to be with them every time they want to paint they hardly get to paint anything.

While they're on their own practising the arts of the hobby I've let them pick one hero from the various Citadel Combat Card decks. The task was simpel, take one card you think is cool. I then searched and bought the selected heroes. I will help where needed to paint their hero using the combat card as a painting reference. Once we each have painted our hero we will roam the world and battle monsters where no monsters have been battled before!

The hero I selected
The hero selected by oldest son
The hero selected by youngest son
The boy cave


  1. This is a really cool idea. It's something I've been toying with in my head, although I have a while to wait/plan as my boy has only just turned 1!

    I'll be interested to see how this develops.

    1. Thank you Snickit. My oldest son is almost 8 and is just beginning to get the hang of it.


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