Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Pantheon of Chaos - Demon Lord of Aethus

I imagined my future self painting, and while receiving the memory of my future self, the impossible became possible, possible to probable, probable to inevitable and inevitable became reality in the form of a painted miniature!

During the last 16 months sparks of imagination did occur but none where big enough to lite my fire. Eventually a good old game of Hero Quest with the boys and their nephew did the trick. We played the quest "Necromancer's Lair" by Dewayne Agin. A single quest with three levels for a group of heroes.

The group consisted out of three heroes played by my boys and their nephew. We played two games, one at midday and one at night. Each game brought them one level further down the dungeons. At the end of the second game at around 11:00 PM they where pleading to finish the last level.

But we had to stop and I promised we would finish the last level when the oppertunity would arrise. At least this would give me some time to arrange a suitable miniature to represent Braun Von Baug (the demon Shantil summend).

Having invested in The Pantheon of Chaos by Diego Seratte Pinilla kickstarter it wasn't difficult to determine which miniature to use. The next time we play Hero Quest, this bad boy will be standing ready.

Bad boys bad boys
Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When he comes for you


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