Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Modular Gaming Table: Part 1

When playing around with miniatures one needs to have a table to put them on. This could be an ordinary table, a simple wooden plank or whatever sound structure you have lying around. The important aspect of it is the stability and that it is large enough to play on.

For some people the above is simply not enough. Playing on the bare surface of whatever table you're using just doesn't cut it for must of us power mongers. We need to have scenery like grass, trees, hills, water and what not. There are numerous ways to make the most beatuiful and life-like scenery. Whatever scenery you're making it needs to be attached to something. Either directly to the gaming table or to some board which in turn can be placed on top of the gaming table.

Having a gaming table with a life-like scenery will suffice for most us. Finally you can harvest the fruits of you're hard work. But... after a while some people might get bored playing the same old scenery over and over again. The solution, modular gaming boards! You cut up your gaming board in multiple boards of equal size. These can then be placed in different configurations on top of your gaming table. Just like a jigsaw puzzle.

You're finally a happy gamer and life seems wonderful until your wife starts complaining about large pieces of boards lying around and that she needs her dining table back. You start to realize it might come in handy if you could somehow store those 6 or more gaming boards. Not to mention getting rid off that large cumbersome table.

Supercow al rescate! The modular gaming table is born...

A connection bar
Putting the bars in place
A perfectly black coated frame with leg attachments
Connecting 2 frames
Connecting 2x2 frames
2x2 configuration (image is skewed)
Putting the connection bars for the legs in place
A leg
Connecting the leg to the table
Stabilizing the leg with side bars
And there you have it, a modular table! (image is skewed)
And of course the storage option
The complete setup


  1. Pretty cool!

    Did you weld that yourself or was it available comercially?

    Good luck with the blog!

  2. @dhcwargameblog I made it myself actually and it's not available comercially (yet?)... I could however make more of them if necessary. Currently I've got 2 sets of 6 making it possible to create a 6'x8' table configuration.

    I'll try to go in more detail in my next post.

  3. Very inspirational! I've been entertaining the idea of a wooden table with an internal rack for terrain tiles.

  4. What a great table! I wish I had the skill to make something like that.

  5. What does it look like all set up??? I want to see pictures with the entire set up.

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    Because Jovian1 asked I've added a picture of the complete setup. If you're married I don't recommend using that setup often.


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