Monday, September 1, 2014

Tabletop World - Cottage

After 7 months I finally have something to show for. I've been wanting to post something, anything actually, but just haven't been painting much lately.

I've been on the verge to actually write one of those "I'm still alive posts", but in the end I just couldn't, we all know how awfully pointless those are.

So, in my last post I mentioned something about a shipment from tabletop-world. Those not familiar with the best supplier of scenery around, take a look at their website.

I got myself some scenery accessoires like: village people, donkeys, carts, furniture and a house. You know the extra bits and pieces one needs to decorate the battlefield.

As the scenery at tabletop-world isn't particularly cheap I started out with something small and relatively cheap. The Cottage seemed to fit my needs. I was tempted to include the Water Well as well, but knowing I was already exceeding my budgetary limits I wisely declined the temptation.

The cottage is supplied unassembled and unpainted (obviously) and is made out of rasin. The kit consists out of two parts: buidling and roof. The picture below shows both parts.

The detail and quality of the kit is amazing. I noticed no bubbles and/or mold lines and only some minor cleaning was required before I could start painting it.

The roof however sits loosely on top of the building. It falls off easily when moved or picked up. For this reason I attached some pins to the roof and holes in the building to keep it in place.

The painting was relatively easy and a bit of a chore at the beginning. Lots of drybrushing and washes. The project took off once the drybrushing effects became more noticeable.

I thought about cutting out the windows as they seemed to align on both sides of the wall. Not knowing how the material would react and fear of damaging it I thought it better to keep it simple.

In all I'm very pleased with the result and the product in general. Now I'm thinking would it not look good with a water well beside it?

Front side
Back side
Notice the holes to hold the roof in place


  1. Looks really Nice DF. Their product seems seriously top shelf...and if I was an man of independent means I think I would buy their whole catalog! I'm sure it looks wonderful on that work of art table of yours.

  2. That is a wonderful bit of terrain, thanks for posting.


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